We have completed a big step in our Phase 1 project as we placed the F-18 and A-7 aircraft onto their display pads. Praise and gratitude to Buddy Harris in organizing this momentous evolution.  Buddy was able to get the “Crane and Rigging in Jacksonville” company and the Boeing team to come out early Saturday to make it all happen.

Crane and Rigging graciously donated their equipment and expertise to professionally lift and place the aircraft, and the Boeing team provided the towing and positioning labor. Besides driving the execution, Buddy was the driver of the restoration of these beautiful birds, coordinating that effort with Flightstar for the Corsair II and with Boeing for the Hornet.  He also got a donor to build new wheel support stanchions for the A-7 and had the F-18 stanchions refurbished.

Thank you too our newest Board member, Bruce Kelly, who was out bright and early to help Ed clean and prepare the aircraft pads prior to the aircraft arrival.  Thank you also to Chaplain Pat and Mary who were out there to cheer us on.  Chaplain’s prayers were certainly working as this effort went off safely and without a hitch!

A great team effort all around.
View some photos from the move below:

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