Historical Videos

Serve and Protect : Stories From WWII

From a small senior community near St. Augustine, Florida over 30 veterans came together to share their stories. Produced by Flagler College TV Workshop Students and directed by Michael Rothfeld

Vietnam: Service, Sacrifice, and Courage

NE Florida Vietnam veterans contributed their tender, often hurt feelings to shape this project. The Vietnam veterans were not like the WWII or Korean War veterans we had worked with on our previous documentaries. The Vietnam veterans were more actively involved in watching, suggesting and directing us to tell their true stories. What emerged shows the veterans to be just like you and me. They fought in an unpopular war and yet returned home to lead normal and successful lives. They could be and are your neighbors, friends and relatives. This documentary was produced by Michael Rothfeld & directed by Josh Wallace and filmed and edited by the students in the Flagler College Communications Department.

Prisoners of War: Stolen Freedom

Prisoners of War: Stolen Freedom compares the stories of four American servicemen through their time as prisoners of war in three major 20th century conflicts; World War II, Korea and the Vietnam war. Their stories are supported by archival motion pictures and photographs obtained at the US National Archives as well as through sketches and memorabilia collected by each of the men. Their stories are less about atrocity than they are about the survival of the human spirit and the camaraderie that helped each man survive years of incarceration. Each story is followed by spectacular recounts of their days of release. Produced by Michael Rothfeld and the Veterans Council of St. Johns County, directed by Eric Flagg.

Korea : Forgotten War, Remembered Heroes

This special documentary created by the students of the Art Institute of Jacksonville spotlights the stories of five First Coast Korean War Veterans. Directed by Dr. Nadia Ramoutar, produced by Michael Rothfeld, Bill Dudley and the Veterans Council of St. Johns County.

Unleashing the Underdogs: The K9s For Warriors Story

Today’s generation of warriors have been deployed more than any other before, this documentary highlights a unique program that pairs dogs and veterans in a training program, and ultimately as companions, to show appreciation and assist in healing of PTSD. Directed by Dr. Nadia Ramoutar, produced by Michael Rothfeld, Dr. Nadia Ramoutar, Bill Dudley and the Veterans Council of St. Johns County.

Dr. Giles McCoy On WW2, USMC and the USS Indianapolis

Nov 2008, Dr. Giles McCoy speech, WW 2, USMC, USS Indianapolis, filmed by the Veterans Council of St. Johns County, Chairman Bill Dudley, program director Michael Rothfeld. Giles McCoy was a young Marine when his ship was sunk by a Japanese submarine. Giles spent 4 ½ days afloat in the Pacific Ocean with a deflated life raft, and no food. Less than 1/3 of the Indianapolis crew survived the ordeal.

The Indianapolis Captain was court martialed on the testimony of the enemy sub captain’s testimony. The first time an enemy combatant’s testimony was ever used at a Military court martial. Captain Charles McVay committed suicide years after the court martial but was exonerated years later in large part due to the effort of Dr. McCoy and his ship mates.

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