Our very own Pam Cain attended the DPAA 2024 Vietnam War Annual Government Briefings in DC this past weekend.  During the time there she had the opportunity to meet with Rep. Aaron Bean and some of his legislative staff. A very timely meeting, indeed.

Rep. Bean reiterated to Pam his steadfast sponsorship and continued push of H.R. 3670, the POW/MIA mission and National POW/MIA Recognition Day (September 20). 

Pam Cain (center) stands with Traci Wood and Representative Aaron Bean.
Traci Wood’s uncle, Maj Ronald Mayercik, and Pam Cain’s father, Col Oscar Mauterer,
are still missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War.

DPAA Director Kelly McKeague with Deputy Director for Operations Matt Brannen, COL USMC during DPAA’s Annual Government Briefings to Vietnam War families of those still missing in Washington, DC on June 27-28.

Family members who have loved ones still missing stand with Colleen Shine (center) whose father, Anthony Shine was identified in 1996, and Sandra Kolb, USAF Chief of Missing Persons (2nd from right) at the recent DPAA AGBs.

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